Work with Lucia

Simplified EFT Tapping™ sessions:

One-on-One, 60 minutes, online, or phone:  1 (one) for CHF 180.00

One-on-One, 60 minutes, online, or phone:  3 (three) for CHF 390.00 

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Coaching packages for Stress Relief and also for Language Learning, tailored just for you need. Please contact me at:

Together we will discover your limiting beliefs and conditionings and create a specific, fun, and strategic plan that guides you step-by-step to your goal.

In areas you feel blocks I will guide you through powerful energy techniques, like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques – or “tapping”) to help you get unstuck and move forward with your plan.

  • How much time, energy and money does it cost you to stay in your actual situation?
  • What if you could live life on your own terms?

Give yourself a chance and take life into your hands!

If you are seriously ready for a change of course in your life and open to new experiences, contact me for a complementary Break Free from Stress Discovery Session of 20 minutes.

In our Discovery Session, we will explore your challenges, clarify your goals, uncover your blocks. You will walk away with a powerful next step that you can take towards your desired goal.

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