I lived a normal life, with a normal job, normal holidays, normal family … but everything seemed dull, equal and predictable.

I always had the feeling that something was missing. I liked the job but I didn’t feel stimulated, satisfied or free; on the contrary I felt trapped. I was taking classes, traveling, having many interests… until one day a glimmer opened up that showed me that there was a way I could have much, but much more from my life.

I took all my courage and enrolled in an American school of coaching and EFT. There I started working on myself, turning me and my life for the better. I discovered a new world in color, shining, light and full of energy.

Today I am a professional EFT practitioner, EFT Trainer and certified life coach. I have created and shaped the life I want, which I am proud and happy about.

Now I help people find themselves by reducing stress in their lives, I help them open up to new perspectives by creating more energy and joy in life.

If you are ready to put yourself on the line and turn your life into the wonderful gift that it is, I invite you to contact me for an informative and noncommittal interview, where we will discover together the possibilities for a collaboration.