In my daily work with people, I see and hear the effects that stress can have in our lives. It has many faces –  insomnia, anxiety, binging on food and drink, bad humour, and even chronic pain. Everything is happening at a faster pace in today’s world. There is more to do; more required at work; more required in the family; and more ways to distract ourselves.

Very slowly stress takes away the pleasure of life. The colours fade away and the days become long and dull.
Things that we once loved lose their pleasure. Our favourite dish becomes tasteless. Friends we once met every day seldom call us.


What if you could get rid of your stress and all the pressure? What if your physical pain were emotional stress?
What if you had your emotional eating under control?
Imagine yourself enjoying life at its fullest potential.
Imagine yourself effortlessly achieving your goals.
Imagine new paths opening in front of you.

Are you ready to give yourself a chance and reclaim the ticket to life?

If you are seriously ready for a change of course in your life and desire to open to new experiences, contact me for a complimentary Break Free from Stress Discovery Session of 20 minutes.

In our Discovery Session, we will explore your challenges, clarify your goals, uncover your blocks. You will walk away with a powerful next step that you can take towards your desired goal.

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What is EFT – tapping?

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) method, also called tapping, provides relief in the event of anxiety, stress, chronic pain, headache, and so on. etc. Increases vitality and removes negative emotional blocks. Combines simple and natural mind and body using the acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine and the energy meridians present in our bodies.

It is a scientifically proven method. Several unversionary studies have shown that people who use EFT heal very quickly and at times just a few sessions. EFT was developed by Dr. Roger Callahan and later simplified by Gary Graig, founder of the EFT Universe in the 80’s. In the United States, tapping is also used with great success by war veterans.


Ho richiesto l’aiuto di Lucia con EFT per lavorare sul mio mentale in campo golfistico, concentrazione e positività.
Dopo una gara negativa abbiamo cercato di togliere l’approccio avverso e la sensazione sfavorevole che era restata in me, mediante incontri regolari ogni 2 o 3 settimane.
Attraverso queste sedute di EFT ho notato una maggiore concentrazione (portarla in 4 ore di gara non è evidente) e di conseguenza un livello di gioco più regolare e stabile.


Lorenza Balbiani Bertolini