“It’s amazing how quickly I am moving through my problems with Lucia.

Her EFT-sessions helped me release trauma and lots of pain.

She is unprejudiced, open-minded and made me feel safe to share my deepest struggles.

And at the right times, there’s always room for laughter.”

 Céline – The Netherlands


“Lucia Tenaglia has helped me with several issues over the last year. She created that safe space where I could let emotions surface which in my everyday life have been more or less suppressed. EFT is a wonderful forgiving and rewarding tool to address all sorts of issues like being stuck in negative emotions, physical symptoms or negative, limiting beliefs. For example, Lucia helped me to clear feelings of guilt and shame that I’ve been holding onto, because I felt not able to stay in contact with an ex colleague through her last months before she died of cancer. After the session all negative feelings and judgments were released. What a relief!”

Claudia T. – Germany


“I requested Lucia’s help with EFT to work on my mental in golfing, concentration and positivity.

After a negative race we tried to remove the adverse approach and unfavourable feeling that had remained in me, through regular meetings every 2 or 3 weeks.

Through these EFT sessions I noticed a higher concentration (carrying it in 4 hours of competition is not evident) and consequently a more regular and stable level of play.”

Lorenza Balbiani Bertolini, Gambarogno – Switzerland